Me? I'm passionate about storytelling, I'm passionate about problem solving and I'm passionate about people. Combining these three things is my secret weapon to make a difference for brands and organizations I believe in.

I'm a scrappy person, and I dig scrappy companies--ones making it against the odds. Don't know how to do something? In the words of my first boss, "Google it." Boom, you're on your way to an SME.

I love the startup world because I like people that hustle, collaborative teams, fast-paced projects and agile thinking. I like big companies that recognize the need to function more like a startup in order to keep hip to the changing landscape.

I learned something so simple from my favorite photojournalism professor: care. If you care about something, you're unstoppable. If you care about something, you'll put the hours in. You won't wait for five o'clock, and you won't live for just the weekends. Care about your job, care about people. Care about original work, care about making an impact, care about innovation, care about staying a step ahead, and care about producing things people care about.

Contact me and let's care about something together.