talking to strangers.

I love talking to strangers -- always have.  I love listening to people and hearing how differently everyone tells their story.  I've learned more from listening to strangers in coffee shops than from any other form of education I've received (sorry mom and dad.) 

The best part about talking to strangers is developing an ability to accurately tell their stories through written word.

This is me learning:  


umano clothing blog

 - managed the blog for the fashion company, umano clothing

 - created company "blog bible" to ensure consistency (starting w/ August 7th blog)  

 - outlined blogs, directed copy-writers, wrote blogs, selected and formatted images


"did you know that it’s illegal in athens, ga to screen print in your garage? I got six months of probation after violating section 9.15.16: “home occupation” for screen printing the very first umano tees in my parents' garage. ” - alex torrey: brother + ceo
it has always been imperative for jonathan + alex to craft umano tees in-house, even at the cost of a six-month probation. true story, we’ll show you pics of alex in an ankle cuff. (jk, there was no ankle cuff. but the probation was very real)
although alex’s bad boy days are over and our screen printing is now done legally, our process of crafting the perfect tee is still one hundred percent done in-house and has remained a family project since we started in the garage. " (...) 

Alumni Spotlight on Travel blog

Featured on Greenheart Travel's blog to write about my experience teaching English in Turin, Italy.


"I visited Italy with my family in 2010. I was 16, and fell in love with everything about the country – the food, the culture, the people, the way they moved through life at such a different pace than me. I made a wish in the Trevi Fountain that I would live in Italy after I graduated. During college, I took four semesters of Italian classes in preparation, but as I got more and more involved on campus and with my major, my Italy dream faded as my mindset shifted to a more career oriented goal." (...)

Urban Outfitters Blog

Hired by Content Director to select + interview 5 of the rising female musicians in Athens, GA. 


"This week, we're packing our bags and headed to Athens, GA for Slingshot Festival (click here to read all about what we're doing with the Fest!) — but looking forward to the weekend, we rounded up five emerging local musicians to find out how they got started, what they love about the city's music scene, and what would fill the itinerary of their perfect Athens day. 
Photos by Paige French; interviews by Mercedes Bleth" (...)

36 Hours in Prague: If You Take Beer Seriously

"36 Hours in Prague" story assignment from University of Georgia and Grady College of Journalisms's Maymester program: Travel Writing in Prague


"When in Prague, a certain charm coincides with drinking a Pilsner Urquell in its birthplace. However, if you’re a true beer lover, you’re bound to tire of drinking the 4.4 percent light lager that, according to many American expats, tastes reminiscent of a Pabst Blue Ribbon. After consulting with local beer aficionados and visiting several venues, I’ve compiled a list of the best spots to drink beer with the locals." (...)


For the Love of Art: Facing Unemployment in the Czech Republic

Long form story assignment from University of Georgia and Grady College of Journalisms's Maymester program: Travel Writing in Prague


(...) "Travnickova’s eyes glance from the papers she is studying toward the street, as the sound of a horse drawn carriage rolls over the cobblestone street outside of the empty shop. She explains that the business is usually slow, and customers are rare.
Final exams are a month away, and after those, Travnickova will graduate from school. She says that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do, because after she graduates, Travnickova will no longer have a job at Qubus. “It would be great to have my own studio and have my own art and be kind of like … ah, I forgot the word … free! It would be nice to be free.” (...)